Hidden Social Media Marketing Technique

//Hidden Social Media Marketing Technique

Hidden Social Media Marketing Technique

With the change of time, the trends for social media marketing has been changed a lot as new technologies have taken place  with advance features. Social media marketing strategy is considered as the heart of marketing strategies. Therefore, we need to find out what is going to work for us in the near future with respect to social media marketing. The difficulty is not to create new ideas but to escape the previous marketing ideas.  For operative social media marketing, one needs to adopt new tactics as we are living in a fast changing world.

Video content

First and foremost is the video content as it attracts people. Video content used for social media marketing is eating the internet as majority of the people views it. Social media marketing industry report given by MIcheal Stelzner states that 60% of social marketers have used video content in 2015 and most importantly more than 70% are willing to use this in future. To meet the expectations and demands of the social media marketing trends in world, social media sites have launched new applications to provide access to video content in an attractive manner. Facebook have 360 video and Instagram have 60 Second videos. Moreover, we can also post stories on Facebook and Instagram for social media marketing.


Chatbots are no longer robots. They are friendly bots, which provide instant connection between customer and companies. It provides real time interaction with customers. It is going to become social media marketing strategy in near future. Facebook has announced to use 12,000 bots for social media marketing. Top application developers are considering to introduce bots.


Mobile matters a lot in social media marketing. It is the perfect combination with social media marketing. There are approximately 2 billion smart phone users present in the world. Social media networks have launched call buttons on their mobile phone applications for more interactive way of communication with the customer.

New Network Fashions

For effective social media marketing strategy we need to consider new trends of network around the globe which are mainly Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest ,VK and snapchat. Each of them provide social media platform for marketing of your business. App developer forum of these networks are working on providing platform for marketing.

Voice Search

Voice search is the significant social media-marketing trend. It changes the way user interacts and discover brands. Voice controlled personal assistants can be used in smart speaker, smart TV and cellular devices to interact.

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