4 Best Search Engine Marketing Trends of 2017

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4 Best Search Engine Marketing Trends of 2017

Industry experts have predicted various new trends for this year, especially some Search engine-marketing trends will lead to greater business opportunities, including seo web development services. The paid advertisement has widely been spread over the past few years and almost every business owner trusts them. However, due to the emerging trend towards SEM by people, a lot of new updates are being introduced in the industry.


Numerous trends are gaining popularity among businesses and you must also follow them to make some progress in your SEM campaigns. Below we have listed some of the SEM trends that everyone should follow to level up their game and select the best,


Ads Targeted by Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence or machine learning enables automation in paid advertisement industry by providing ease in every aspect. Google is now using machine learning in their advertisement system to enable targeted advertisement. Smart Bidding, Smart Display Campaigns, and Dynamic Search Ads are currently using AI for automation. This progress of machine learning has a long way to go but the progress is fast.


Tracking your Customer’s Online Activity


Online marketers and seo experts in Pakistan are now offered with various tools & services to analyze information about their paid campaigns. Anonymous Geolocation and contextual data are being collected for user’s device, while they browse online and perform any sort of activity. This information is enhanced with machine learning to better understand conversion ratio.


Using Google AdWords, you can now collect customer’s personal information (shared at the point of sale) and use them for future strategies.


Analytics of your campaigns through Attributions

Now it is possible to know when an ad clicks converts into a lead/sale from your campaign. It is now very easy to specify which campaigns have triggered direct sales and which ones are not performing well. Google’s attribution tool offers detailed data about each advertising channel’s campaign.

Targeting Potential customers with Similar Audiences

Targeting the right audience is the most important part of an online paid advertisement. Google’s recent release In-Market Audiences is made for businesses to target customers easily. You can advertise your products to potential buyers or the software company website using different measures and based on search queries. The ad will only be visible to people interested in the product, which is all managed by automated systems.

Make use of the in-market audience in all of your paid campaigns like Display Network and YouTube Campaigns.

By using machine learning, powerful tools will be developed which will help both consumers making purchase decision and marketers promoting products.



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